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Detroit, Michigan Insurance Claim Lawyer

Insurance companies don’t make money by paying claims. Period.

You need an experienced lawyer on your side to obtain the compensation you deserve. Posner, Posner and Posner represent clients in all types of insurance claim matters, including those involving:


  • Property Damage And Property Loss
  • Theft, Auto Theft
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • And Others


Take Action Quickly

It is important to get an attorney involved as early in the insurance claim process as possible. Insurance policies often have very short periods in which you must take certain action or you will lose your claims. Posner, Posner and Posner can evaluate your claim and advise you how to proceed to ensure that you obtain the all of the compensation you are entitled to under the terms of the policy.

Examination Under Oath

In disputed insurance claim matters, the insurer often requires the claimant to submit to an examination under oath (EUO) or deposition. A mistake during this examination process can jeopardize the claimant's rights and ability to obtain compensation. Our firm can advise you on how cooperate with the insurance company and answer questions truthfully, while preserving your right to compensation. We can also attend the examination with you. In these situations, the presence of one of our attorneys can inhibit the insurance company representative from intimidating the claimant or causing the claimant to make statements that could defeat the claim.

Whether it involves a claim for fire loss, theft, property loss or property damage, a stolen car, a life insurance claim, business insurance, or any other insurance matter, Posner, Posner and Posner will protect and assert your rights, so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

For a free consultation with a lawyer at Posner, Posner and Posner, call 248-355-2999 or contact us online. Our firm represents clients in insurance claim matters in the Detroit, Michigan area and throughout Michigan.